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Finally – all projects completed!

Dream Big Panel

I’m feeling quite satisfied with myself for completing my projects almost two weeks in advance of the Quilt Show; that almost never happens!

I bought this Dream Big Panel at our local quilt shop, Crazy Quilt Cottage months ago and I’m sure if it hadn’t been for the Quilt Show deadline I’d still be agonizing about how to quilt it!  Goodness knows there are enough inspirational pins on Pinterest but I was primarily undecided how to quilt the very centre:  pebbles?  feathers? petals? a combination?  I finally invested in the quilt-along by Lauren Jackson of Bold Notion Quilting and that put the final piece in place.  I used her suggested centre motif as well as several others, some with modifications.

I used two layers of batting spray basted together (bottom one is Warm & Plush and top one is Hobbs Heirloom wool) and that gave me the definition I wanted.  This is the first time I’ve quilted with two layers and my Sweet Sixteen was quite happy with it.  I used Glide and invisifil threads.  Finished size is 41.5″ w x 39.75 l.  Fellow Guild member Darlene gave me perfect backing fabric for it; thank you Darlene!

So….it’s done.  Some of the other members of our Guild also bought Dream Big panels so I’m hoping to see them at the Quilt Show too.

Of course I bought a second panel……and now I’m so pleased with the way this one turned out I don’t know how long I can wait to get started on it!

Favourite Flower
My Favourite Flower




Prepping for the Quilt Show

My Secret Garden
My Secret Garden

The Guild to which I belong, Timberlane Quilters’ Guild, is hosting a Quilt Show next month and I’ve been madly stitching trying to get all my projects finished in time.  TaDa!  This morning I completed the second last one.  Well….almost completed….needs a hanging sleeve yet.

I’ve been admiring the work of collage artists Paula Jolly, Laura Heine and Susan Carlson, to name a few, so when our Guild Program Committee hosted a collage workshop last fall I jumped in.  With some guidance (well maybe a lot lol) I snipped and glued and moved pieces around and snipped and glued some more.  Having never tackled an ‘art’ quilt before I felt out of my depth but oh what fun!  I kept the stitching on this one very simple because I wanted the fabrics and colours to stand out but when I do another one I can feel some serious thread painting coming on!  And maybe sparkly tulle, or will it be organza?  Hmmm… I think the next one will have to simmer for awhile; many other projects in the queue ahead of it!

I had planned to square it up and mount it on a frame but my better half suggested leaving the edges ‘au naturel’ and having done so I like it; I think it gives the project a very ‘organic’ look doesn’t it?  That’s a very popular word in quilting 🙂

Never has it taken me so long to complete a 23″ x 23″ project!  Thanks to my fellow Guild members for the advise, encouragement and contribution of beautiful fabrics.

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