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More community quilting..

Our Guild provides quilts to those in need in the community. We do it through various organizations: Family & Social Services, Grace House (transitional housing), Oncology Dept. at the Hospital just to name a few. We have also given to those who have suffered illness or lost their home & belongings to fire. I think we’re on track to have made and donated about 100 quilts in the past year; not bad for a membership that numbers in the low 70s! Our members are generous with both their time and fabric.

I and several others quilt some of the quilts for those whose first love is just piecing. This last one is a sampler block quilt (beautifully pieced by Barb M, one of our most prolific quilters) which provided me the opportunity to play; a different design in each block! I’m not very good yet at creating secondary designs so that was my focus in this project. I am incredibly slow; I keep hoping my speed will improve as I practice but I’m not optimistic!

The backing for this quilt was a tiny, tiny check that made my eyes go crazy if I had to look at it for long (as I did when I had to ‘unsew’ a motif or two -oops!) but once it was quilted it didn’t look so bad lol.


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