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COVID-19 quilting

Well, the world is a different place since my last post. Practising social distancing and self isolation has provided the opportunity for almost unlimited gardening and quilting time! Fortunately all is well in our home as I hope it is in yours.

A couple of months ago at one of our stitching days our Guild President pulled out a box of beautiful quality flannel (donated to us) from our storage cabinet, bundled it and handed it out to us with ‘orders’ to get busy! So we did! I’ve seen a few turn up in our Facebook group and now I’ve finally finished one. What a pleasure to work with such good fabric!

Many of us stitched up our fabric bundles using patterns from one of the 3-Yard pattern books by Fabric Cafe. If you haven’t seen their books yet you should! The patterns are great for those one yard purchases we’ve all made on an impulse buy. They have some free patterns to try. They all measure approximately 49″ x 59″.

The pattern for this one is ‘Brick Street’ from Fast & Fun 3-Yard Quilts by Fabric Cafe. Template & ruler work overall and Glide Cool Grey 3 thread used with magna-glide in the bobbin. It measures 47″ x 56.5″ after laundering.


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