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The end in sight ….

Whew, I worked my way through the stack of community quilts; nine quilts quilted in a month! That’s definitely a record for me. To streamline the process I used the same overall design in each one, Angela Walters’ Swirl Hook. I love it. Five of the quilts were made of good quality flannel and were so soft & cuddly with which to work. And no, I didn’t piece any of these.

While we are still in isolation mode because of COVID-19 none of our quilts can be distributed to the community but we have a large supply ready once restrictions relax.

I’ve been rushing to get these done by the end of the month because my folding layout/cutting tables I need for each quilt are set up in the spare bedroom that has a Murphy bed and we have a guest arriving this weekend who will be using that room for an indefinite amount of time. The tables have to go! I just made it in time!

I don’t think there will be much quilting going on for awhile lol. Here are the last of them:


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