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Not a quilting project

My mother taught me to sew when I was pretty young and for years my stitching consisted of clothing, crafts and home dec. As I neared retirement I started quilting and after retirement it took over, although I haven’t totally given up the other projects.
So…..last winter I started addressing the scraps & some of the mystery ‘why did I buy that fat quarter’ pieces in my stash. I’m determined to keep emptying tubs so yesterday I dove really deep into the UFO collection and came up with this. In the late 80s when my son was little he wanted a Care Bear (he’s now in his 40s 😂). After cutting out all the little pieces of fake fur I started to realize what many people before me did; fake fur can be a b*#% with which to work. So there it sat in pieces for 30+ years……until yesterday. My question now – do I send it to my son for Christmas? 🤣🤣
My takeaway from this project? I’ll never work with fake fur again!! The scraps are in the bag destined for pet bed makers. And now I must go vacuum my sewing machine and everything in the work area that’s now covered in fake fur fluff….
Happy stitching friends whatever your project is!


One thought on “Not a quilting project”

  1. Yes Myrt I believe you should send it to him.
    You’re scrap quilts were great, looks like you were having much fun. I’ve pulled out a few old quilting projects to practice free motion quilting on.
    Keep well

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