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Scraps, scraps & more scraps

Quilting goes by the wayside every summer as yard and garden work assume priority and this past one was the same. But in September I start getting the urge to put the garden to bed and start quilting again. I’m running a little late tho!
I’ve been trying to deal with the scraps that have accumulated over the years since I last made an attempt to deal with them. They multiply in the closet, right? I started last fall with Sparrow Quilt Co.’s 50 Blocks in 50 Weeks series and completed the blocks in May, but there they are on my design wall still waiting……… They will both eventually be Community Quilts, but they need sashing…. and sandwiching… and quilting.

50 Blocks/50 Weeks

And then there are the placemats I’ve been intending to make to coordinate with the tablerunner I completed in 2017 for Canada’s 150th birthday…. oh happy day I finally made them! More scraps used up. I even rounded the edges of two of them to fit the table.


And this time I’ve even started crumb quilting and I’m determined to make blocks as the scraps accumulate…. hahahahaha. I think I need to buy brighter fabrics don’t I?

Crumb Quilting

And not only do I collect fabric scraps, I have an entire box of yarn scraps (I know that sounds bad but I used to have almost two boxes!). They also multiply in the box. But this last time when I finished knitting a pair of socks for myself I immediately knit up the leftover into a pair of kids socks. I haven’t decided if they’ll get gifted or donated…. The yarn is Estelle Yarns Sock Twins Mouline.

So that’s my scrap adventures to date this fall; more to come!

Socks Big & Small

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