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Wavy, wavy….

As all quilters know, scraps breed uncontrollably and have to be dealt with periodically. Many of my scraps are 2.5″ wide leftovers from binding or of a size that can be cut to 2.5″ in width, the same as a jelly roll. Inspired by a beautiful new pattern by Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics, Scrap Strips Diamond Trip, found in the free patterns section of their website, I pulled out what I had of the right dimension, cut a few more and went to work. Her instructions and measurements are always perfect and this is one quilt that stitches together quickly. And when it came to quilting it, the dimensions were perfect for using Handi Quilter’s wave B template (I bought mine on I love the optical illusion this quilting design creates!

Custom quilted by me on my HQ sweet sixteen using Glide thread (khaki) and my HQ wave B template. The wavy quilting is inspired Anita Shackleford’s Modern Curves pantograph. The quilt dimensions are 47″ x 63″.

So why is my scrap bin just as full as ever? Could it be because a quilty friend was happy to contribute some of her oh so perfect scraps so I could make another one of these? Sigh……


Two and a half years later……

Yes, I know that I’m not the only one who buys fabric and lets it ‘mature’ on the shelf while other projects take precedence! And when I consider how much I love these beautiful Dream Big panels, I’m surprised I don’t have several more stashed away. Even though I love quilting them, this is only the second that I’ve done and I’m trying very hard to not buy any more lol.
Finished size is about 41.5″w x 39.5″h. The custom quilting is all done by me, hand guided on my HQ Sweet Sixteen. It’s double batted to give it the loft and texture I adore: one layer of warm & plush topped with one layer of Hobbs Heirloom Premium washable wool. I used three colours of Glide thread and one of Superior Bottom Line (the matchsticks) on top. I decided to live on the edge and used a contrasting magna glide thread (cream) in the bobbin to make the design stand out on the back. I think because of the double batting neither top nor bottom thread showed through on the opposite side. It didn’t stand out as much as I thought it would but it wasn’t a fail either thankfully.
Inspiration came from many places: Pinterest of course, my own limited creativity and I took Lauren’s course from Bold Notion Quilting.

No end to scraps…

Sparrow Quilt Co’s 50 Blocks in 50 Weeks really inspired me to deal with some of my scrap overload. I’ve made two quilts now from most of the blocks (48) and the remaining ones will go toward additional Community quilts. Our Guild does a Block of the Month project of blocks this size so they’ll just be added to the pile.
In order to assure this wavy quilting design gets added to my muscle memory bank I repeated it on this quilt, same as the last one. I really love it for the undulating wave effect and it just might become my new favourite….at least until I find a new favourite lol.
I used Glide thread on the top, magna glide in the bobbin and the HQ Wave B ruler and quilted it on my Sweet Sixteen. Fleece backing again!

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