another Community Quilt

It’s a good thing our Guild has many members that custom quilt because I’m pretty undependable once Spring is here and I can work outside. It is nice to have a rainy day once in awhile so I can spend a little time in the sewing room.
This lovely flannel quilt was pieced (beautifully I might add) by one of our Guild members and has a Fireside backing making it oh so cuddly. I was tempted to curl up under it when I was finished quilting it.
Now I’ll pick up another one that’s ready to be quilted and wait for another poor weather day (we don’t have many of those in the summer) to play.

not a quilt….

Sometimes an embroidery project is just too much fun. Our ladies cycling group started small and the initial members named the group the Golden Girls (and yes, the members are all old enough to remember the TV series). Our group grew in size and during a group texting chat one day the members started brainstorming an updated name for the group. I’m only disappointment that I wasn’t the one who thought up the acronym upon which we enthusiastically settled: BAGGs! But I am the one who has an embroidery machine so I quickly produced these badges.

I suppose you’d like to know what this acronym stands for? Well, it’s Bad A** Golden Girls lol. Depending on the audience asking, the A could stand for Apple, or some other non-offensive word.

And yes, we will be offended if you call us the OLD BAGGs!

for a new baby…

Young friends of ours just had their third child in February so of course a quilter has to make a quilt for a gift. It’s now been gifted so I can post photos of it. Of course what I’m waiting for is a pic with the new one on it.

I’d never heard of Milestone Mats before I took another deep dive into Pinterest for baby quilts; how could I have missed that? What a great idea they are; simply plop baby down on it, set the pointer to the right month and voila! you have the milestones marked for the first year. Want the check them out for yourself? There are lots from which to choose![]=milestone%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=mats%7Ctyped

And what fun it was to quilt; panels usually are. I backed it with soft cozy flannel so it will work as cuddly cover, a tummy time mat or whatever they want to use if for. Finished size is about 40″ x 50″. The batting is one layer of Hobbs washable wool. The panel is Windham Fabrics Dream by jill mcdonald. Another fun project!

Two and a half years later……

Yes, I know that I’m not the only one who buys fabric and lets it ‘mature’ on the shelf while other projects take precedence! And when I consider how much I love these beautiful Dream Big panels, I’m surprised I don’t have several more stashed away. Even though I love quilting them, this is only the second that I’ve done and I’m trying very hard to not buy any more lol.
Finished size is about 41.5″w x 39.5″h. The custom quilting is all done by me, hand guided on my HQ Sweet Sixteen. It’s double batted to give it the loft and texture I adore: one layer of warm & plush topped with one layer of Hobbs Heirloom Premium washable wool. I used three colours of Glide thread and one of Superior Bottom Line (the matchsticks) on top. I decided to live on the edge and used a contrasting magna glide thread (cream) in the bobbin to make the design stand out on the back. I think because of the double batting neither top nor bottom thread showed through on the opposite side. It didn’t stand out as much as I thought it would but it wasn’t a fail either thankfully.
Inspiration came from many places: Pinterest of course, my own limited creativity and I took Lauren’s course from Bold Notion Quilting.

My Patron Saint perhaps?

Okay, we’ve all had those days haven’t we? I think she must be my Patron Saint because the older I get the more frequently I use that tool and I feel she’s looking down on me….and laughing.
Thanks to a quilty friend who brought this pattern to my attention. The rippity doo dah pattern is one of many delightful ones from Amy Bradley Designs. I’m sure you’ll be tempted to buy one now; I think I need another one!
Mine is in a 14″ hoop because that’s what I had on hand, but it’s designed for a 12″ one. It can also be turned into a wall hanging, a bag panel or a cushion top.
The fabric came from from my stash. I did the applique on my domestic machine and the free motion quilting is hand guided by me on my Sweet Sixteen.

just a little revision….

After I finished this piece by hand sewing the binding and the hanging sleeve on it, I took another look and thought ‘wouldn’t it look better with a little white flange between the binding and the background?’. I waited several days hoping that thought would go away…but of course it didn’t…. so I removed the binding, turned it into a flange binding (I like Donna Jordan’s instructions) and now I like it much better; I like the contrast between the background and the binding. I’m hesitant to ask for opinions; I afraid you’ll like it better the way it was and I’m not about to change it again! In any case, I’m out of the blue batik now so it is what it is lol.

Finally… a finished quilting project

I thought this applique/reverse applique project wouldn’t take very long…..haha….. The pieces are only about 18″ square finished and I’ve done applique before. This time however, I used a batting I’ve never used before: Thermore. It’s a nice thin light batting that I’d had recommended to me for wall hangings. I’ve had it around for awhile and decided to try it out on this project. And I was pleased with it right up until I started quilting the first piece.

Because I was micro quilting tiny feathers in the vanes of the swirls I used Wonderfil’s invisifil 100 wt thread which is a beautiful thread for dense quilting. It broke….time after time after time. On the test piece I did prior to starting quilting, the thread/needle combo worked perfectly. I eventually concluded the batting was the culprit; as soon as I started the pebbles in a 50 wt thread the problem disappeared. The feathers were too densely quilted to use a heavier thread so I persevered; quilt, thread break, tie off ends, rethread … quilt, thread break, tie off ends, rethread… you get the picture. Sigh…. I am happy with the end result tho. And I will use Thermore again…. just not with 100 wt thread!

The pattern is Peppermint Candy from Geta’s Quilting Studio. The fabric is from my stash. I used Wonderfil invisifil on the feathers in both pieces and Aurifil and Mettler for the pebbles. Hand guided FMQ on my HQ Sweet Sixteen.

When will I get back to quilting?

Masks and slippers and folding market bags and produce bags……..all the things that get in the way of quilting!

2021/01/31 – three layer non-medical face masks.

The latest COVID-19 recommendations from our health authorities regarding non medical masks is that they should be constructed of three layers instead of two. Because I don’t like the waste generated by anything disposable, when months ago it was recommended that we wear masks I made some for us rather than use the throw away ones (couldn’t find them on the store shelves anyway at the beginning of the pandemic). Of course I made them of only two layers so now I’ve updated them. We each have at least six of them so we can always have one handy wherever we are and cycle them out for washing. Un-sewing and adding another layer is more time consuming than making one from scratch. Oh well, another project I didn’t know I needed has now been completed. The John Deere ones are for DH of course!

2021/01/31 – reusable market & produce bags

I thought last fall that when I eliminated one tote full of delightful stash from my sewing room it was a monumental accomplishment. I’d hardly done that when I was given a bed skirt that a friend didn’t want and some very good quality backing fabric for Guild Community quilts! Now don’t get me wrong; I love fabric and the backing will certainly get used but I had to think a little about what I could do with the bed skirt. And then eureka! It’s lovely fabric and I’m all about re-purposing so….. off to Pinterest for ideas & patterns and now at least seven fold up market bags and seven reusable produce bags later (still have enough fabric for at least one more market bag) I’ve eliminated that stash. The reusable produce bags only weigh about 18 grams so they won’t make any difference to the cost of the produce when I put it on the scale. And yes, I know they look just like little tank tops lol. The market bags are about 14″ square (handles excluded from measurement) and the produce bags are about 11″ x 16″ (handles included).
Here’s the link for the super easy market bag (oops I originally published an incorrect link; this is the correct one as of 2021/02/01): and I drew my own pattern for the produce bag.

2021/01/31 – Knitted slippers.

Then there are the slippers….. three pair so far…and the yarn stash is going down a bit. DH and I both needed new slippers so I’ve been playing with a variety of yarns & needle sizes to get the right combo that will give us slippers of the right fit. We now each have a pair to wear and I’m working on spares (for when one pair is in the wash you know lol). The link for the slippers is in a previous post.

So where does that leave the quilting? Well… our Guild has stitch Tuesdays and we’ve been doing that via ZOOM lately so that seems to be my only quilting time. I am working on a project but I can only give you a little peek before it’s complete. The pattern is from this designer’s delightful site:; can you guess which one it is? More on this later when it’s finished!


…and now slippers

As you can see from the first photo, DH was in desperate need of new slippers; I think there was more of his socks hitting the floor than the slippers lol. Remember Phentex yarn? Well, I’m amazed (and a little appalled) that it’s still sold, but I guess the reason is that it’s so durable. That’s what these old slippers are made of…..that explains why they’ve lasted as long as they have!

Well, I don’t knit with Phentex so the new slippers are made with mystery yarn from my overflowing yarn scraps tote. I’m guessing the fibre content of the yarn is Acrylic but I’ve long since lost the label for either strand. They’re knit with two strands of worsted weight yarn and the pattern is Better Dorm Boots for Men, a free download from Ravelry. The only change I made was replacing the ribbed cuff with a garter stitch one. I’m hoping the addition of leather patches on the sole (reclaimed leather) will keep them from wearing out as fast as knit slippers usually do. We’ll see…….

The butterfly shawl

Roisin from my favourite yarn shop, Great Balls of Wool, has been knitting up variations of the beautiful Butterfly Shawl (pattern purchased from Ravelry) and displaying them in her shop. Not that I need another shawl, but when she decided to offer a class, I think I was first to sign up. Our first class was in October, but with all the gift projects I had on the go I couldn’t get it completed before Christmas. Boxing Day was a relaxing day so I sat down & did the deed.
Mine is made with only two colours of yarn, one a solid and one a variegated. Roisin helped me select the yarns and I’m so happy with the result. Although it may look like a difficult knit, it’s actually easy. What’s difficult, at least for me, is the accurate stitch counting that’s needed and watching TV detrimentally affected my focus at times! I love it
Finished size: about 60″ at its widest and about 32″ long.
Yarn used: Drops (75% wool/25% polyamide) and Mirasol (40% wool, 40% silk and 20% viscose). There’s enough yarn left over for another small project; hmmmm…what shall it be I wonder…..