and….Community Quilts again!

When the Guild last borrowed hubby’s shop for a workshop sandwiching community quilts, we were away, so they kindly left two behind for me to quilt.  I hardly look at my quilting projects during the summer but we had a couple of rainy days and I knew some of my quilting peeps were busy so I decided to quickly quilt up these lap sized beauties.  I chose clamshells for both as they were both so ‘busy’ that they didn’t need a complex design, so they quilted up very quickly.  With a flannel backing they were both so soft and cuddly I know some lucky recipients will enjoy them.


Keeping busy….

I have finally worked my way through quilting my allotment of Community quilts from the workshop our Guild held last fall, finishing the last one yesterday.  They are both lovely scrappy quilts pieced by Guild members.  I love to see how creatively they use scraps!

I quilted both in allover designs; one in a leafy meander and the other in a paisley/swirl meander.  These are two of my favourite easy-peasy designs and in busy quilts like this they display better on the back than the front.

More Community quilts

I’m slowly working my way through the backlog of Community quilt sandwiches I have waiting for me to quilt.  Our Guild, Timberlane Quilters’ Guild, has another workshop coming up soon and I know I’ll acquire more then so I’d better get these finished.  I really hated to give these last two back to the Guild; they are striking!  The member who made these two is well know for her love of colour and life in all her works and these are no exception.  The Tula Pink fabric is wonderful!  Again, I did not make these quilts, only quilted them.

So far this year our Community Quilt Coordinator has delivered 22 quilts into the community.  This last batch went to Oncology at our Hospital, Youth and Family Services and Grace House (transition housing).  Yay TQG!

Only three more quilts to go now!

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