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Quilting season again


We had a late and beautiful fall, so that delayed the beginning of quilting season for me, but now I’m into it again full steam ahead!
With the contribution of some beautiful scraps from Kathy O, one of my quilting friends, and some of my own scraps I made another of Donna Jordan’s Diamond Trip quilts. This one goes to Timberlane Quilters’ Guild as another Community Quilt. I machine quilted it on my Sweet Sixteen.

Every year our Guild, at our Christmas party, raffles off gift baskets that the members create and then bid on and the money raised is given to various charities that support people in need at Christmas. Our Tuesday Guild stitching group always contributes a basket; this year our theme was ‘wine, chocolate and cheese’. My contribution to our basket was a wine carrier; the pattern is a free one from All People Quilt. This year we raised $1000!


Wavy, wavy….

As all quilters know, scraps breed uncontrollably and have to be dealt with periodically. Many of my scraps are 2.5″ wide leftovers from binding or of a size that can be cut to 2.5″ in width, the same as a jelly roll. Inspired by a beautiful new pattern by Donna Jordan of Jordan Fabrics, Scrap Strips Diamond Trip, found in the free patterns section of their website, I pulled out what I had of the right dimension, cut a few more and went to work. Her instructions and measurements are always perfect and this is one quilt that stitches together quickly. And when it came to quilting it, the dimensions were perfect for using Handi Quilter’s wave B template (I bought mine on I love the optical illusion this quilting design creates!

Custom quilted by me on my HQ sweet sixteen using Glide thread (khaki) and my HQ wave B template. The wavy quilting is inspired Anita Shackleford’s Modern Curves pantograph. The quilt dimensions are 47″ x 63″.

So why is my scrap bin just as full as ever? Could it be because a quilty friend was happy to contribute some of her oh so perfect scraps so I could make another one of these? Sigh……

…and more community quilts….


I love it when I get such a beautiful top from one of our Guild members to quilt! I love both the colours and the design……so I played. Lots of ruler work on this one; some in the sashing and in the outer border I used the HQ 6″ Swag Templates as well as straight line ruler work. Wavy FMQ that framed circles in the French braid section completed the job.

Then I moved on to the next two tops; both are on the small side so it didn’t take long to complete them. The winter themed panel got FMQ’d; I thought it needed more than an all over design. The lovely scrappy sampler got the swirl that adds such beautiful texture. All done community quilts for awhile!

Community quilts again..


This past week I devoted to quilting a couple of community quilts for our Guild. I did not piece either of the quilts shown here; other talented members of our Guild did that. These are two of the four I took when we had our workshop last November, and one of the reasons I took these for me to quilt is that they came with binding. By the time I’m finished quilting (and sometimes piecing) a quilt, I’m ready to be done with it, but there’s always the hunt for appropriate binding fabric (in the case of community quilts) and cutting, joining and pressing the strips. I’m so happy when one of our wonderful members has done that job for me!

What is my favourite binding method you ask? It’s Donna Jordan’s Quick Method. I make a couple of modifications; I usually cut my binding at 2.25″ wide instead of 2.5″ and I use my walking foot with the SID (Stitch in the Ditch) sole plate. Easy peasy; works every time.

All the free motion and ruler quilting is hand guided by me on my Sweet Sixteen. I used primarily Wonderfil invisifil on the basket quilt as top thread and the beautiful Glide thread everywhere else. I used either Superior Bottom Line or magna glide in the bobbin depending on the colour I needed.

Happy stitching!

Another community quilt

The members of our Guild make excellent use of scraps. A perfect example is this one; a scrappy nine patch that was a pleasure to quilt. Again, I just quilted this one, did not piece it – the last one before Christmas!
Hand guided quilting with my HQ Sweet Sixteen, Glide thread on top and filtec bobbin thread in the bobbin, Angela Walter’s swirl hook again for the quilting design!

I’ve begun to add links to the tips, tricks and tutorials that I’ve found very helpful on my quilting/machine embroidery journey. You can reach them from the home page, or click here. The list will grow!

finally…another Community Quilt

After our Guild’s Community Quilt workshop a few weekends ago I have a small stack of sandwiched quilts that need quilting sitting in my closet. I slotted one into my schedule, partly because it’s made of good quality flannel so it’s a pleasure to handle and partly because it’s size makes it easy to quilt in a short period of time. I did not piece this one but I think I recognize the pattern as one from one of the Thee Yard Quilts books. Those patterns are perfect for whipping up something quickly that also looks good. This one measures 42″ x 60.5″ after laundering.
The quilting is hand guided by me on my HQ Sweet Sixteen sit down long arm. The motif used is Angela Walters hook swirl, my all time favourite for creating beautiful texture and getting a fast finish! I used Glide thread.
I love the crinkly look and texture of a quilt after it’s laundered (photo 3).

another Community Quilt

It’s a good thing our Guild has many members that custom quilt because I’m pretty undependable once Spring is here and I can work outside. It is nice to have a rainy day once in awhile so I can spend a little time in the sewing room.
This lovely flannel quilt was pieced (beautifully I might add) by one of our Guild members and has a Fireside backing making it oh so cuddly. I was tempted to curl up under it when I was finished quilting it.
Now I’ll pick up another one that’s ready to be quilted and wait for another poor weather day (we don’t have many of those in the summer) to play.

Finished Friday

The last few weeks, among other activities, I’ve been making some Christmas presents – those I can’t post yet! I took a break from that to make yet another scrappy community quilt that started with some orphan blocks I ‘found’ while doing a deep dive in one of my totes in the scrap purge I’ve been conducting lately. Some of my fabric and some Guild fabric supplemented the blocks. The Guild provided the backing and batting and one of the members provided the fabric for the binding. Finished size about 59″ x 71″ before laundering.

The pattern is ‘Hodgepodge’ by Fiber Fantasies (they seem to no longer have an internet presence), one of many variations of the Disappearing Nine-patch block that you can find all over the internet. The quilting is a combo of FMQ feathers and ruler work; I love the texture that feathers create! All the quilting is hand guided by me on my Sweet Sixteen. I used Glide thread on the top and magna-glide in the bobbin.

Now I really must get back to making Christmas presents; I’m not done yet! No more quilts until after Christmas….really…

No end to scraps…

Sparrow Quilt Co’s 50 Blocks in 50 Weeks really inspired me to deal with some of my scrap overload. I’ve made two quilts now from most of the blocks (48) and the remaining ones will go toward additional Community quilts. Our Guild does a Block of the Month project of blocks this size so they’ll just be added to the pile.
In order to assure this wavy quilting design gets added to my muscle memory bank I repeated it on this quilt, same as the last one. I really love it for the undulating wave effect and it just might become my new favourite….at least until I find a new favourite lol.
I used Glide thread on the top, magna glide in the bobbin and the HQ Wave B ruler and quilted it on my Sweet Sixteen. Fleece backing again!

Wavy, Wavy

I finished quilting, laundering and blocking one of the scrappy quilts that I pieced using some of the blocks from Sparrow Quilt Co’s 50 Blocks in 50 Weeks series. I’ve long admired Anita Shackleford’s Modern Curves pantograph and wanted to do something similar using a ruler, so I purchased Handi Quilter’s Wave B ruler and played with that. I love, love, love the optical illusion of undulating waves created!

I backed this quilt with fleece. First time ever doing that and now I’ll do it again for sure; it’s so soft and cuddly I hate to give it up! It will go to the Guild to which I belong, Timberlane Quilters’ Guild, and be donated to someone in need in our community.

The quilt measures 52.5″ x 80″.

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