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…the stuffie family of Mom & Pop Penguin & the kids. I wonder if it’s our current weather that inspired me to purchase this design or the fact that it was on sale? Or after giving one of our youngest friends one for Christmas I just thought that making more stuffies would be fun? And if you’re interested in machine embroidery, as of today this design, Playful Penguin, is still on sale at Urban Threads. Pop is the tallest at about 7.5″ and the shortest one is about 3.5″.
They’re made of black sparkle fleece, white quilter’s cotton, stuffed with polyester stuffing and embroidered on my Husqvarna Designer Diamond with Sulky thread.

2022/01/06 – The Penguin family: Mom, Pop & the kids. Embroidery design purchased from Urban Threads. Tallest penguin is about 7.5″ and shortest is about 3.5″.

The Cool Cat

A new year brings more quilting time! We headed into a cold and snowy spell shortly after Christmas so other than going out to shovel, I stayed inside to quilt.
After spotting this pattern two or three years ago, it’s been on my ‘I’d like to do it’ list because it’s just so darn cute! The Christmas projects are all done, so now is the time. I’d hoped for a 2021 finish but it was not to be.
So I present the Cool Cat, from the FREE Hipster Cat pattern by Shwin&Shwin. It’s a toddler’s quilt so it’s small enough to whip up in fairly short time: 40.5″ x 48″. I’ve never done applique this size before tho!
Seeing all that white space practically made me drool over the FMQ possibilities, but then I looked at the pattern creator’s straight line quilting and thought that was very effective for this quilt. I modified it slightly.
The lines are all spaced 1″ apart. I first drew in the vertical straight lines with my Mark-B-Gone™ pencil (spritz with water & marks are gone) 2″ apart and then stitched the wavy lines between. This is the first quilt in a long time that I’ve quilted on my domestic machine! I may have to make another just so I can FMQ all the white space lol. If you’re not quite ready for free motion quilting, this is a great design that enhances any quilt and most newer domestics have a built-in wavy or S stitch. Try it!
All fabrics are from my stash. The backing is a soft & cozy flannel and the batting is an 80/20. It was quilted on my Husqvarna Designer Diamond using Superior So Fine thread on top and Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Another community quilt

The members of our Guild make excellent use of scraps. A perfect example is this one; a scrappy nine patch that was a pleasure to quilt. Again, I just quilted this one, did not piece it – the last one before Christmas!
Hand guided quilting with my HQ Sweet Sixteen, Glide thread on top and filtec bobbin thread in the bobbin, Angela Walter’s swirl hook again for the quilting design!

I’ve begun to add links to the tips, tricks and tutorials that I’ve found very helpful on my quilting/machine embroidery journey. You can reach them from the home page, or click here. The list will grow!

now I can post this one!

I finished this about the end of October but it didn’t get gifted until yesterday so now I can finally post it.

Coming through Fort MacLeod, AB in September we stopped at a marvellous quilt shop: As soon as we walked in the door I spotted this quilt made up and on display. I’d been looking for something for a special family member who had this year completed her Master’s degree while holding down a job and caring for her family and making two moves! Luckily the shop had one final kit left so I quickly took it.

All the fabrics in the quilt top are from the Moda botanica collection. The backing is a beautiful soft flannel. I used Hobbs washable wool for the batting. The pattern is Bundle of 10 by Amelie Scott Designs. It’s a super easy pattern and is very fat quarter friendly. I can see using it again for scrappy quilts. After laundering, it measures approximately 60.25″ x 73.5″. I loved working with these colourful and lively fabrics and the quilt was so soft & cuddly after laundering I hated to part with it!

The hand guided quilting was done by me on my Handi Quilter Sweet Sixteen using – yes again because I love it – Angela Walters’ swirl hook design. Top thread used was Glide with Superior’s Bottom Line in the bobbin. Another fun project!

finally…another Community Quilt

After our Guild’s Community Quilt workshop a few weekends ago I have a small stack of sandwiched quilts that need quilting sitting in my closet. I slotted one into my schedule, partly because it’s made of good quality flannel so it’s a pleasure to handle and partly because it’s size makes it easy to quilt in a short period of time. I did not piece this one but I think I recognize the pattern as one from one of the Thee Yard Quilts books. Those patterns are perfect for whipping up something quickly that also looks good. This one measures 42″ x 60.5″ after laundering.
The quilting is hand guided by me on my HQ Sweet Sixteen sit down long arm. The motif used is Angela Walters hook swirl, my all time favourite for creating beautiful texture and getting a fast finish! I used Glide thread.
I love the crinkly look and texture of a quilt after it’s laundered (photo 3).

just having fun…

I finished two projects for which I had deadlines (mostly self-imposed) so I took a little play time yesterday to machine embroider a cute little badge for a friend with a sense of humour. She wore it to work today to amuse her colleagues.
The patch was purchased from Urban Threads and stitched on my Husqvarna Designer Diamond. I turned it into a badge by adding a badge pin to the back. Click here for a good tutorial by Urban Threads for making ITH (In The Hoop) patches.

2021/12/08 An In The Hoop patch from Urban Threads

Poinsettia #3!

This is the last poinsettia wall hanging I’m going to quilt this year! They have been so much fun to do but I have to move on to something else lol. This last one is for one my sisters-in-law and I’m sure I was doing a happy dance today when the nice people at Canada Post took it out of my hands and started it on its way to her.
Each one has been slightly different in the quilting; I’ve added a little more detail and a little more bling in each one. The trouble is each one is a little nicer than than the one before and now I’m sending away the one I like best!
One problem with the photography is that the sparkle from the metallic and holograph threads simply does not show well in the photos, so you’ll just have to imagine it!
This, as the others, measures about 42″ x 42″ finished. The custom quilting is all hand guided by me on my HQ Sweet Sixteen sit down long arm. I used a variety of Sulky metallic and holograph thread, Sulky rayon thread and Wonderfil invisifil thread. I used two layers of batting: one of 80/20 and one of Hobbs washable wool; that’s what give this wall quilt its texture. The panel is a Hoffman Dream Big Holiday panel.

I think I’m hooked…

In a fairly recent post I mentioned Sweet Pea Machine Embroidery and their Sew Along in which I’d participated. Well wouldn’t you just know that their design for the November Sew Along would be irresistible and I’d have to purchase it too (30% off helps to make the decision). So the deadline to have this one submitted for consideration in their monthly awards was half an hour ago and I got mine in one hour before that (doing my happy dance lol)! And now I have another Christmas wall hanging; win, win! I used glow in the dark thread (Wonderfil’s Ahrora™) on some of the elements in these designs. Oh yeah, the snow on the roof shines after the lights goes out lol. These nine individually stitched designs use up an incredible amount of thread. I must have used 8-10 bobbins!
This project was stitched on my Husqvarna Viking Designer Diamond using mostly Sulky thread. Its size is approximately 23″ x 23″.
Hmm… I wonder what December’s design for the Sew Along will be…..
And I’ve started quilting another Dream Big Holiday panel…

and now a little Advent calendar

Does it count as a UFO if you’ve never started? While digging through my Christmas fabric I discovered this little Advent calendar panel. I can only think that when I found and bought several of an assorted selection of Advent calendar panels (on sale of course) at a quilt shop several years ago that I didn’t make this last one. Any way, now it’s done and it counts as one more completed item and one less piece of fabric in my stash! Yay me!

And yet another poinsettia…

This all started when the owner of one of our local quilt shops, The Crafty Quilter, invited me to quilt one of these beautiful Hoffman Dream Big Holiday panels for the shop and in return she’d give me one. The first one is done (see a previous post), so now this is the second one completed and it’s mine! I made very few changes in the quilting and I added more bling in the form of either metallic or hologram thread. It’s very difficult to photograph bling to have it show.

I used two layers of batting; one of 80/20 and one of wool. The thread is mostly Sulky rayon but there’s a mix of Sulky and Wonderfil metallic and hologram and Wonderfil invisifil on the top and Wonderfil decobob or Superior Bottom Line in the bobbin. It’s quilted by me on my HQ Sweet Sixteen.

Even though we seldom put up any Christmas decorations before mid December, this one’s up & going to stay! Now I have only one more to do…..

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