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I thought I had my quilting projects planned for most of this winter, but then during a deep dive in Pinterest, or maybe it was in one of the quilting Facebook groups to which I belong, I saw a quilt I just HAD to make right away.

A little explanation first…..Our neighbours and good friends have two dogs, one of which is a neurotic border collie, truly delightful and oh so very intelligent, but neurotic nevertheless. I truly think she views most of us as sheep that need to be herded but WE JUST DON’T COOPERATE and so she gets very frustrated. I know she gets frustrated with me because she tells me so, loudly, through the fence at times lol.

She’s a very lucky dog to have the patient people (or should I say sheeple?) that she has.
So…..when I saw the quilt I know our neighbours needed it and immediately purchased and downloaded the digital version of the pattern. I started stitching and just finished the quilting last night. I gifted it today so now I can post it.

The pattern is ‘All about Ewe’ by Judit Hajdu in Issue 31 of Simply Moderne. I pieced and then quilted it on my Sweet Sixteen. It’s size is 53.5″ x 68.5″ and it’s name is ‘Gracie’s flock’. It’s backed with flannel so it’s very cuddly! And now it’s Gracie approved!

A big thank you to Kathleen for some of the photos.


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