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Spa hair towels!


Are you looking for a quick to make gift for someone? These hair towels are ideal. Combined with some bath salts, lotion, maybe a candle? and a few other delights that say In Home Spa event and you’ve got a great gift. Of course once you’ve given a few of these towels away you might just find they’re liked so much you’ve got a job keeping the recipients supplied!

If that’s the case, then you don’t really need new towels for the job; just have them supply some old bath towels for a second life. A family member sent me home last June with several of her old towels with which to do just that. I turned five bath towels into nine hair towels and a couple of bar mop/shop cloths. The small leftover scraps went out to my hubby’s woodworking shop lol.

It’s been years since I made the patterns I’m using so I don’t know what the source was then, but click here for a link to the site of a sewist who makes the long ones just like mine. The only difference between the long and the short one is that on the short model the elastic is sewn into the very tip (it’s visible in one of the photos) and a button is sewn to the top about 3″-4″ from the front; after you’ve wrapped the towel around your head, slip the elastic over the button. The short towel is about 21″-22″ long. The long ones are great for long hair but for my short hair I don’t need all that much towel!

And don’t forget the fun part of cutting up towelling; your house is filled with towel lint afterwards, necessitating a serious session with the vacuum cleaner.

Won’t the recipient of these towels be surprised when she reads this & finds out she’s going to sew the buttons on….bwa..ha…ha…..ha…….

Happy stitching!

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