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finally…another Community Quilt

After our Guild’s Community Quilt workshop a few weekends ago I have a small stack of sandwiched quilts that need quilting sitting in my closet. I slotted one into my schedule, partly because it’s made of good quality flannel so it’s a pleasure to handle and partly because it’s size makes it easy to quilt in a short period of time. I did not piece this one but I think I recognize the pattern as one from one of the Thee Yard Quilts books. Those patterns are perfect for whipping up something quickly that also looks good. This one measures 42″ x 60.5″ after laundering.
The quilting is hand guided by me on my HQ Sweet Sixteen sit down long arm. The motif used is Angela Walters hook swirl, my all time favourite for creating beautiful texture and getting a fast finish! I used Glide thread.
I love the crinkly look and texture of a quilt after it’s laundered (photo 3).


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