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Poinsettia #3!

This is the last poinsettia wall hanging I’m going to quilt this year! They have been so much fun to do but I have to move on to something else lol. This last one is for one my sisters-in-law and I’m sure I was doing a happy dance today when the nice people at Canada Post took it out of my hands and started it on its way to her.
Each one has been slightly different in the quilting; I’ve added a little more detail and a little more bling in each one. The trouble is each one is a little nicer than than the one before and now I’m sending away the one I like best!
One problem with the photography is that the sparkle from the metallic and holograph threads simply does not show well in the photos, so you’ll just have to imagine it!
This, as the others, measures about 42″ x 42″ finished. The custom quilting is all hand guided by me on my HQ Sweet Sixteen sit down long arm. I used a variety of Sulky metallic and holograph thread, Sulky rayon thread and Wonderfil invisifil thread. I used two layers of batting: one of 80/20 and one of Hobbs washable wool; that’s what give this wall quilt its texture. The panel is a Hoffman Dream Big Holiday panel.


One thought on “Poinsettia #3!”

  1. I am so excited to receive my poinsettia
    Thank you Myrt for making this beautiful wall hanging
    Your quilting is beyond beautiful and amazing ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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