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for a new baby…

Young friends of ours just had their third child in February so of course a quilter has to make a quilt for a gift. It’s now been gifted so I can post photos of it. Of course what I’m waiting for is a pic with the new one on it.

I’d never heard of Milestone Mats before I took another deep dive into Pinterest for baby quilts; how could I have missed that? What a great idea they are; simply plop baby down on it, set the pointer to the right month and voila! you have the milestones marked for the first year. Want the check them out for yourself? There are lots from which to choose![]=milestone%7Ctyped&term_meta[]=mats%7Ctyped

And what fun it was to quilt; panels usually are. I backed it with soft cozy flannel so it will work as cuddly cover, a tummy time mat or whatever they want to use if for. Finished size is about 40″ x 50″. The batting is one layer of Hobbs washable wool. The panel is Windham Fabrics Dream by jill mcdonald. Another fun project!


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