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Finally… a finished quilting project

I thought this applique/reverse applique project wouldn’t take very long…..haha….. The pieces are only about 18″ square finished and I’ve done applique before. This time however, I used a batting I’ve never used before: Thermore. It’s a nice thin light batting that I’d had recommended to me for wall hangings. I’ve had it around for awhile and decided to try it out on this project. And I was pleased with it right up until I started quilting the first piece.

Because I was micro quilting tiny feathers in the vanes of the swirls I used Wonderfil’s invisifil 100 wt thread which is a beautiful thread for dense quilting. It broke….time after time after time. On the test piece I did prior to starting quilting, the thread/needle combo worked perfectly. I eventually concluded the batting was the culprit; as soon as I started the pebbles in a 50 wt thread the problem disappeared. The feathers were too densely quilted to use a heavier thread so I persevered; quilt, thread break, tie off ends, rethread … quilt, thread break, tie off ends, rethread… you get the picture. Sigh…. I am happy with the end result tho. And I will use Thermore again…. just not with 100 wt thread!

The pattern is Peppermint Candy from Geta’s Quilting Studio. The fabric is from my stash. I used Wonderfil invisifil on the feathers in both pieces and Aurifil and Mettler for the pebbles. Hand guided FMQ on my HQ Sweet Sixteen.


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