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When will I get back to quilting?

Masks and slippers and folding market bags and produce bags……..all the things that get in the way of quilting!

2021/01/31 – three layer non-medical face masks.

The latest COVID-19 recommendations from our health authorities regarding non medical masks is that they should be constructed of three layers instead of two. Because I don’t like the waste generated by anything disposable, when months ago it was recommended that we wear masks I made some for us rather than use the throw away ones (couldn’t find them on the store shelves anyway at the beginning of the pandemic). Of course I made them of only two layers so now I’ve updated them. We each have at least six of them so we can always have one handy wherever we are and cycle them out for washing. Un-sewing and adding another layer is more time consuming than making one from scratch. Oh well, another project I didn’t know I needed has now been completed. The John Deere ones are for DH of course!

2021/01/31 – reusable market & produce bags

I thought last fall that when I eliminated one tote full of delightful stash from my sewing room it was a monumental accomplishment. I’d hardly done that when I was given a bed skirt that a friend didn’t want and some very good quality backing fabric for Guild Community quilts! Now don’t get me wrong; I love fabric and the backing will certainly get used but I had to think a little about what I could do with the bed skirt. And then eureka! It’s lovely fabric and I’m all about re-purposing so….. off to Pinterest for ideas & patterns and now at least seven fold up market bags and seven reusable produce bags later (still have enough fabric for at least one more market bag) I’ve eliminated that stash. The reusable produce bags only weigh about 18 grams so they won’t make any difference to the cost of the produce when I put it on the scale. And yes, I know they look just like little tank tops lol. The market bags are about 14″ square (handles excluded from measurement) and the produce bags are about 11″ x 16″ (handles included).
Here’s the link for the super easy market bag (oops I originally published an incorrect link; this is the correct one as of 2021/02/01): and I drew my own pattern for the produce bag.

2021/01/31 – Knitted slippers.

Then there are the slippers….. three pair so far…and the yarn stash is going down a bit. DH and I both needed new slippers so I’ve been playing with a variety of yarns & needle sizes to get the right combo that will give us slippers of the right fit. We now each have a pair to wear and I’m working on spares (for when one pair is in the wash you know lol). The link for the slippers is in a previous post.

So where does that leave the quilting? Well… our Guild has stitch Tuesdays and we’ve been doing that via ZOOM lately so that seems to be my only quilting time. I am working on a project but I can only give you a little peek before it’s complete. The pattern is from this designer’s delightful site:; can you guess which one it is? More on this later when it’s finished!



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