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The butterfly shawl

Roisin from my favourite yarn shop, Great Balls of Wool, has been knitting up variations of the beautiful Butterfly Shawl (pattern purchased from Ravelry) and displaying them in her shop. Not that I need another shawl, but when she decided to offer a class, I think I was first to sign up. Our first class was in October, but with all the gift projects I had on the go I couldn’t get it completed before Christmas. Boxing Day was a relaxing day so I sat down & did the deed.
Mine is made with only two colours of yarn, one a solid and one a variegated. Roisin helped me select the yarns and I’m so happy with the result. Although it may look like a difficult knit, it’s actually easy. What’s difficult, at least for me, is the accurate stitch counting that’s needed and watching TV detrimentally affected my focus at times! I love it
Finished size: about 60″ at its widest and about 32″ long.
Yarn used: Drops (75% wool/25% polyamide) and Mirasol (40% wool, 40% silk and 20% viscose). There’s enough yarn left over for another small project; hmmmm…what shall it be I wonder…..


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