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way too much fun…..

Although our own grandkids are getting older (the youngest is 13) we are fortunate to have young friends with youngsters three and five with whom we get to spend time and are very happy to babysit occasionally We’ve even been lucky enough to have spent several Christmases with the family. Because of Covid our interactions are less frequent these days but that doesn’t mean we can’t give gifts at Christmas.
I’ve been doing lots of stitching leading up to Christmas, some of which I can’t publish until after tomorrow, but here are the fun projects I completed for these delightful children – glow in the dark door hangers and novelty place mats.

This year’s place mats are half of the four piece set Critter Placemats from Vanilla House. I made the first two a couple of years ago and forgot to take photos but ben bear and friendly fox scored a photo session this year. In addition I made a couple of door hangers with glow in the dark thread and I’ll bet the kids will like those!

Merry Christmas to all!


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