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Quilting season

Once summer slowly comes to an end I get eager to leave the gardening season behind and get on with quilting season again.  Non-quilters may not be familiar with that season, but for some quilters it may encompass the entire calendar year.

For me, it starts about mid September.  Our Guild gets back into the swing at the beginning of September and one of the highlights of the month is the annual HAW (Hands Across the Water) event hosted by one of the Guilds located either on the Sunshine Coast or North Island.  This year the Sunshine Coast Quilters’ Guild hosted it in Sechelt and a large contingent of our Guild attended.  There were many door prizes and I was lucky enough to win a selection of native art printed pre-cut flannel blocks.  I immediately got to work & made them into a cuddly rag quilt & had it ready for the Show & Tell at our next meeting.  I donated it to a pre-school managed by the daughter of one of our Guild members.  How nice to work with the pre-cut blocks and not have to spend hours cutting them after they’re stitched together.

Once in the swing of things again, I picked up another of the Guild’s sandwiched Community Quilts and had some free motion quilting fun using some of my rulers and templates.



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