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Prepping for the Quilt Show

My Secret Garden
My Secret Garden

The Guild to which I belong, Timberlane Quilters’ Guild, is hosting a Quilt Show next month and I’ve been madly stitching trying to get all my projects finished in time.  TaDa!  This morning I completed the second last one.  Well….almost completed….needs a hanging sleeve yet.

I’ve been admiring the work of collage artists Paula Jolly, Laura Heine and Susan Carlson, to name a few, so when our Guild Program Committee hosted a collage workshop last fall I jumped in.  With some guidance (well maybe a lot lol) I snipped and glued and moved pieces around and snipped and glued some more.  Having never tackled an ‘art’ quilt before I felt out of my depth but oh what fun!  I kept the stitching on this one very simple because I wanted the fabrics and colours to stand out but when I do another one I can feel some serious thread painting coming on!  And maybe sparkly tulle, or will it be organza?  Hmmm… I think the next one will have to simmer for awhile; many other projects in the queue ahead of it!

I had planned to square it up and mount it on a frame but my better half suggested leaving the edges ‘au naturel’ and having done so I like it; I think it gives the project a very ‘organic’ look doesn’t it?  That’s a very popular word in quilting 🙂

Never has it taken me so long to complete a 23″ x 23″ project!  Thanks to my fellow Guild members for the advise, encouragement and contribution of beautiful fabrics.


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